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Warning: low- quality Bitumen, mix bitumen

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Warning: Be aware of low-quality Bitumen:

Tehran pasargad oil processing complex
is one of the oldest and biggest exporters of standard Bitumen products in Iran. Iran’s standard Bitumen is known to have the best quality in the world.
Please refer to our website for detailed analysis of this product.
Unfortunately, we have recently noted that several suppliers have attempted to sell low-quality Bitumen as the Iran’s standard Bitumen. These products do not satisfy the required specifications of Iran’s standard. Here are some examples on how these low-quality products are made:

1- Iran’s standard Bitumen is brought to boil and then mixed with low-quality plastic; increasing the mass while sacrificing the quality of the product.

2- Mixing Iran’s standard Bitumen with different kinds of low-quality Gilsonite powders.

3- Mixing Iran’s standard Bitumen with extracted engine oil and/or low-quality mineral powders.

4- Mixing low-quality wastes of oil wells with low-quality mineral powders to obtain a Bitumen-like substance.

5- Mixing Iran’s standard Bitumen with wastes of crude oil wells.
6- Mixing Iran’s standard Bitumen with different kinds of low-quality mineral powders.

7- Low-quality Mazut is brought to boil, degased, and mixed with low-quality mineral powders such as Talc, Calcium Carbonate, stone powders to obtain a Bitumen-liked substance.

These methods along with several others sacrifice the quality of the Bitumen to its quantity, yielding a low-quality and Bitumen-like substance.
These substances look so similar to Bitumen that may even fall convincing to the eyes of SGS. But, these products are not based on oil and of poor quality.
As a result, we urge you to be very cautious when ordering tar products and not be a victim of such fraudulent acts.

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